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About this site

We’ve created this site as a place to share content, contests, and resources that will help you get the absolute most out of your time on the Arduino Facebook page. 

If you’re new to the group, we encourage you to take 5 minutes to read the rules and guides below.   It would also mean a ton to the admins if you would consider subscribing to our channels.

Be a good group member

Know the Rules

1. Post only materials that are relevant to Arduino, microcontrollers, their circuits, and programming them.

2. Show at least a minimal amount of effort. Don’t just write “send code.” Tell us what you’ve already tried.

3. Do not post PDFs or copyrighted materials.

4. No promotions or spam.

5. Please post in English, even if it isn’t perfect.

6. Be kind and courteous.

7. Be positive and supportive.

8. Keep your language clean.3

Top Tip

Asking good questions

The people of this group are very eager to help you, but it all starts with asking good questions.  It’s not enough to say, “What’s the best Arduino to buy?” or “Why doesn’t my code work?”. 

  • Tell us the goal of your project
  • Tell us your level of knowledge
  • Tell us what you've tried
  • Include your code or circuit diagram

The future is bright

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